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The buisness of serving others...

International Yoga Day, Solstic 2018, Time Sq. NY.

Sitting on my back porch at my less than 1yr old apartment I'm reflecting on my journey to this point and finding myself in awe at the fiece beauty of contrast in my life and have come to the conclusion that Life is fine.

Currently my family is sharing in the care of our aging parents, while we are currently parenting and welcoming the next generation of family into our lives. For me this is all happening at once and through these experiences I am seeking more and more ways to keep myself present and available to give love in a way that we all deserve to be loved... Unconditionally!

I struggle at times to maintain balance and immediately sense the imbalance as when it occours. Due to my yoga practice I have found the ability to seek alignment more available and accessible. Using my yoga practice as not only a way to seek mental balance but as well to maintain physical wellness.

In the buisness of serving others our own health is even more important than ever. The flow of vinyasa yoga practice can be the equivalentent of a low impact aerobics class and a pretty good workout. Getting to the gym can sometimes be a challenge at the moment so making life easy is the priority. Pulling out my mat or even an impromtu practice on the kitchen floor does wounders.

Although I am trained in Power yoga my teaching and self practice style is at a slower pace making a more accessible practice for most. Having a solid yoga and meditation practice has been the key in the forward momentum of my life as a care giver.

Photo from International Yoga Day / Solstice 2018, Time Sq. NY.

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