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Waist Beads

Wearing waist beads feels natural, I feel confident and beautiful.

Outdoor Yoga at the River

We've been celebrating Summer every weekend at the river with our outdoor Vinyasa flow. Join us some time.

Repurposed Jade

Somethings are just better the second time around. Repurposed from a necklace to create the perfect pair of 2 inch any occasion earrings.

Tree Pose

Root to grow. This pose requires grounding in to your standing leg rooting in to the earth yet requires you to reach for the sky with your heart. Sounds like the journey of life.

Tigers Eye Round

Release fear and anxiety, step into your personal power.

Blue Lace Agate Waist Beads

Boost the ability to communicate, enhance the power of your Throat chakra, speak your truth.

Tigers Eye

Protection, good luck to the wearer of this healing stone. Unisex 10inch bracelet.

Sun Goddess Waist Beads

Personal power, ambition, self esteem all supported by the color yellow and the energy of the Solar plexius chakra.

Autumn lights

Wire wrapped with the colors of falling leaves yet beautiful in any season.

Easy pose

Celebrating the sun, finding peace and inward strength in the mist of life happening is encouraging and humbling. International Yoga Day / Solstice 2018 Time Sq. New York.

Tree pose

Having a solid yoga and meditation practice has been key in the forward momentum of my life as a care giver. International Yoga Day / Solstice 2018 Time Sq. New York

Seated Twist

international Yoga Day / Solstice 2018 Time Sq. New York.


Ms. Bonafide Creations and Yoga

Ms. Bonafide Creations

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