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Journey to Self Care

Adventures in yoga is one of the ways that I self care and at this point in the season here in Boston MA. I'm looking for ways to push through and combat the winter lows and cold toes. Maintaining an asana (yoga) practice is a big part of getting through the colder days in MA.

Keeping the body in motion and the blood flowing along with vitamin D, reishi tea and other herbs along with extra socks & a few warm hoodies. Seasonal depression was something I learned about a few years ago and was diagnosed with and have been working on combating with diligence every year it arrives. Getting in front of it has been the most important and valuable piece of information I can share with anyone who maybe experiencing this. The bitter sweet truth is that it can come every year but to our benefit we know that it could come every year, giving us the opportunity like Christmas to shop for it early, so we can give our selves the best gift of all Mental Health.

Some things I have learned to do is get lighter color curtains to let more light in. Get light bulbs that offer a simulation of the sun, take vitamin D 1000 to 2000 units (check with your Dr. on what's best for you) and for me staying as active as possible with yoga and meditation.

Currently self caring is in the form of a short road trip. I've made it to visit the Colors of Yoga located in Ralegh NC. A POC positive space offering everything from Beginner's Intro to Yoga to Yoga for Empaths a 2 part class with 1hr yoga asana with an invitation to stay and connect with tea & convo. This space is held for all yogis of all shapes and sizes and has been open for 2yrs. Patrice guided a hip opener sequence for beginners that even as a practicing yogi was truly appreciated. If your ever in Raleigh check out the Colors of Yoga. Thank you Patrice for a heart warming spirit filling experience and for holding space.

Journaling and meditation are also helpful forms of self care along with watching your food diet as well as your social media intake. I don't have all the answers and still push through the winter lows and cold toes every year and continue to give myself the gift of self care, compassion and self love.

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