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Ms. Bonafide Creations Adventures in Yoga & Jewelery.

Sometime I pinch myself to see if I'm dreaming. Yoga and creating jewelry has brought me through so many journeys. My latest adventure I humbly share is the Cambridge Central Square Business districts campaign to support Living and Shopping locally in Cambridge MA.  

The growing Central Sq. and Cambridge as a whole has taken big leaps and I love some of the changes. The efforts in this campaign is to share all that Cambridge has to offer both big & small. When I was asked if I was interested in sharing my jewelry & yoga for their campaign I was nervous but with only moments to make a decision I said yes. Some fearful part of me wanted to question and stall but for what? Don't you want to share your gifts, your hard work, your passions? I asked myself. Then I thought to myself No playing small...have fun!... Isn't that why your doing this?! It's funny what the fear of the unknown can do to you, including stop you from your own happiness and keep you living small. It's taken years of self healing to get to this place of self acceptance, love and care that I have arrived at and I have yoga and jewelry making to thank for that. 

Creating beaded jewelry now for several years and sharing it has brought me so much joy. Most of the jewelry I crate if not almost all are one of a kind pieces and never duplicated. Earrings are one of my favorite accessories to make along with Mala (beaded necklace) as of late. I enjoy mixing precious stones and other mediums to create uniquely one of a kind pieces. 

You can catch me teaching Vinyasa yoga through out the Cambridge/Boston area as my other favorite thing to do and honestly the thing that has brought me the most clarity and purpose in my life. Teaching now for 5 yrs, yoga has opened my eyes, heart & mind to things I knew and lost touch with as well as things in my life that I never knew I had a desire to know. The well that yoga is is endless and freeing in every way for me and I enjoy sharing that feeling of boundlessness with others.

📷:Photo credit to Nick Surette at the beautiful Five Door Health and Wellness located at 763 Mass Ave Cambridge. *Join me there for Slower Flow Yoga Monday's at 10:30am & 12pm and again on Friday's at 7pm. 

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