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On this journey

This blog post was originally written October 2016 and although it has taken a few yrs to actually bring to light I am blessed to share the updated edited version. It is never to late to dream a little bigger and reach your personal goals.

On this journey

So I finally got the nerve to start a blog. It's been a long time coming and I can't say I don't know why I didn't do it sooner because honestly I believe in the power of timing and now is the time. I have been sharing my thoughts and experiences for as long as I can remember both in real life with friends as well as on social media with acquaintances. There is something about getting it out into the universe that has always felt freeing, actually load lightening would be a more accurate description of what it feels like to me to share. I have shared everything from the latest pair of new shoes I bought to parenting dilemmas, experimenting with cooking new recipes, eating out at my favorite restaurant or new ones, fitness health and yoga. I've also shared my personal experiences with happiness & joy as well as anxiety and depression, epiphanies, spiritual awakenings, my personal healing that I've felt were share worthy as well. Sharing for me has been a way to connect to the outside world along with connecting to myself through myself. I have always had a love for writing and as they say there is nothing like the written word, there is something about seeing words written down that brings words to a new level, making it all real. Sharing both openly to the world and personally like in my journal has made me accountable, truthful, vulnerable, brave, daring and more.

On this journey we do not get a manual of what it is suppose to be like nor would I want one at this point in my life but by sharing our experiences we provide some version and insight on what it can look like, be like & feel like.

I choose the title 'On this journey as I was creating this blog for those very reasons. I truly believe in speaking from what I know and where I have been and decided that that's what I would share . So I know about new shoes, experimenting in cooking, finding new fun places to eating out at, fitness, health and yoga. I know about personal happiness and joy, feelings of anxiety & depression, epiphanies, spiritual awakenings, healing and so much more.

I hope to inspire, encourage and engage on this journey and through this blog platform.

As they say "It's about the journey not the destination."

Be Well,

Malaika Ms. Bonafide

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