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Support Casarra's Journey to Matignon.

On this journey of life we are often given many hats to wear and one of my many hats is being a mom along with being a jewelry designer and yoga instructor. The beauty of this roll of motherhood is the witnessing of the unfolding of my children's life journey as well as my own. I can recall heading to high school and the excitement/fear I experienced all at once. I know for sure now that the experience was bitter sweet and went by way to fast. I am so excited to have a second chance through a different lense to experience this life changing, molding and building moment in time with my daughter.

Casarra has been accepted to Matignon high school graduating class of 2023. And if you can remember that time in your life you can remember that the most important thing in your life was having a sense of belonging. The excitement is over whelming in a good way. Casarra has chosen Magtignon because of it's mock trials club along with their high standards of education and connection to local colleges like Harvard & MIT and their high rate of college bound students. Plus a few of her friends will be attending in the fall as well. She looks forward to basketball, vollyball and cheerleading tryouts. Casarra is looks forward to a career in immigration law and building a stronger nation for all. She enjoys english and has a secret love for science.

We are so very proud of Casarra's efforts and hard work to get accepted in to Matignon high school and want to make sure she gets to enjoy this time in her life. We have created a Go Fund Me donation page in effotts to support this journey. Our goal is to raise enough fund to pay for the remaining tuition fees, school uniforms, supplies and athletic programs.

In addition I am offering 60 min Private yoga instruction in exchange for your donation to Support Casarra's Journey on .

*$65 donation receives 60 min private indivual yoga instruction

*$25 donation receive 60 min small group yoga instruction (groups of 4)

Vinyasa yoga beginner level/all levels welcome.

Please feel free to email with any questions or booking details.

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