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Yoga at Magazine Beach!

Its been a world wind of a summer. Non stop weekends that just flow into each other so needless to say Yoga at Magazine Beach Park which is actually not exactly at the beach but more at the end of Memorial Dr. near the BU bridge in Cambridge MA. has been a beautiful space to slow down and reflect on the summer adventures as they are unfolding. We've been meeting every weekend at 10:30AM on Saturdays & Sunday mornings in a sweet little tree covered shaded patch of grass near the outdoor workout equipment. Most morning the park has been lightly filled with early weekend risers using the outdoor gym.

We've been practicing under the trees facing the soft buzz of the distant traffic from the high way across the river. Picture perfect view of the city skyline and the river as the paddle boats, canoes and tour boats float by bringing us continues changes of scenery.

One of the most beautiful pieces of teaching yoga outdoors has been the outdoors it's self and especially here in Boston where our winters are long and the weather some what unpredictable at times having the opportunity to spend as much time in the sun as possible has just been amazing. Surrounded by four fully blooming green leafy trees which seem to be providing us each week with the perfect amount of shade and breeze also offering a bit of privacy has been nice as well. Some Saturdays we've had the pleasure of catching a baseball game or soccer game near by.

Our class has ranged from committed yoga students to first time explorers of yoga. Students as young as 8yrs old & as old as 70 and the best part of it is that we're all able to enjoy our practice together under to sun.

When I thought of sharing yoga on Saturday & Sunday morning at the river I had no idea weather people would come or not and if it would be well received but 6 weeks later here we are and it has been the one of the best parts of my summer so far. Not only have people been coming but they have been making connections and saying that they have been looking for outdoor yoga in the city and are grateful to have found it. What an amazing feeling it is to offer yoga in the city and all to enjoy and benifits from it.

We started in late June the 22nd to be exact and we plan on going til the end of August the 31st is our end date. So if your in the area and want to try a little outdoor yoga drop in and join us.

Tickets sales on Eventbrite

Drop ins welcome

Beginner/All level yoga

Bring your mat & water.

See you on the mat.


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